Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank you Love N Ladybugs & My travel buddy (you know who you are!)

It was one of those days...not enough subs on campus and the chaos that goes with it. I was solo and I didn't have access to my personal e-mail. I would have known that I hadn't received "the e-mail"...the one my travel buddy got that I didn't that said Jiangxi was going to confirm appointments for us. Yippee! Travel the first week in June. I called my travel buddy who rocks and she gave me some hope and optimism. I didn't receive ANY e-mail updates which is weird because I have been getting them this whole week. My stomach is still a little twisted but I have cautious optimism.

But, I got my updates from Love N Ladybugs. They rock too! I'm posting one of the new pictures so you can see my girl. I am so in love with her. I just hope that I am not disappointed and that I really was supposed to get that e-mail. Say a prayer and cross your fingers...if you're Catholic, you can light a candle too!