Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trying to be patient and my second shower

Can I just reiterate how great my friends and family are? I also have the greatest faculty and staff. I had my baby shower on Tuesday and I was so overwhelmed by their generosity. My kitchen was filled and it has taken me several days to get everything moved upstairs out of my kitchen. All I can say is Wow! Grace got some cool things. I can't wait until she gets to see them.

Speaking of which, my agency still is not getting any appointments at Jiangxi. It's mighty frustrating since others are still saying they have confirmed appointments there. Why is there a big inconsistency? Why isn't my agency really digging into this? I'm just worried because my paperwork expires in July and my baby girl needs surgery ASAP. I did get some hope in my fortune cookie fortune. It said something along the lines of obstacles will be removed in the upcoming week. Okay, I'm holding onto that.