Sunday, October 29, 2006

Waiting Teaches Patience

So, it's Sunday and I have been in process for now, let's see about a year. I started looking into adoption at the beginning of October of last year and was accepted into the program, December 23rd of 2005. I started my paperwork in January, was DTC May 19 2006 and was LID May 24, 2006. It's looking to be a 14-18 month wait. Hmmmm, this gets me to thinking what other animals have long gestational periods. Being the awesome librarian I am, I did some research. Elephants have a 22 month gestational period. Killer whales are pregnant for about 517 days or almost 17 months. Sperm whales average 14 months. Giraffes have 14 months and rhinos 16 months. Camels typically have a 15 month gestational period. So, if these animals can do it, so can I. I have decided that there are good things about waiting for my daughter. I am the eternal optimist. I have again created a top 10 list on why the wait is good.

10. I can still watch my favorite reality shows like Amazing Race, Survivor and America's Top Model

9. I can catch all the movies at the movie theater

8. I can start Chinese class all over again and NOT drop out

7. I can learn to be a better cook

6. I have more time to save $$$$$

5. I can go to Vegas with my friends

4. I have time to get my house cleaned and organized and kid-safe

3. I have time to make Grace's room spectacular

2. I will have time to learn all the cool, fun, kiddie shows

1. I am learning patience