Sunday, October 08, 2006

Family & Friends's a great thing. I love my family. We're almost cult-like, at least mine is. We BBQued today at my parents' house. It was the maiden voyage of their new swanky gas grill. I had never cooked on one and I got a couple of burns, but I'll survive. There's something about cooking for the ones that you love. You're willing to eat last to make sure everyone else eats. Of course, my beloved dog, Hope had to help herself to some hot dog buns on the kitchen counter much to my chagrin.

Last night I went to see Open Season with my friend, D and her cousins. It was funny. I leaned over to her cousin who is expecting at the end of the month and said, "This is probably going to be one of the last movies you get to go to alone." It hit me then that this would be true of me in the near future. It's so strange to think that I can't just jump up and go to a movie and not think about someone at home or getting a babysitter. I guess, it made me realize that now is the time to see all the movies I want before my Grace comes into my life.

It's also going to be the last Ren Fest that Sandra, Rex and I go to for a long time. Both of us are expecting (Sandra is due in April). I think this is going to be even more special for us. I can't wait to see that pretzel guy so Rex can laugh his butt off. I guess I should explain. One year, Sandra and I spotted the pretzel guy waaaaay across the stadium (jousting arena) and we yelled to each other pretzels! He said we nearly knocked him and other people over to reach the guy. He said he'd never seen anybody run so fast. We love our carbs! I'm going to miss that, but both of us will have something even better than pretzels. Hmmmm, pretzels!