Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mailman Frustration

Can I tell you how frustrated I am with our mail system? Yesterday, I got a key in my mailbox for a package. I was expecting 2 from my cybershower buddies. Guess what? The key didn't fit the package holder for my pod but it fit the one next to it. I figured, my package was in there. Guess what? It was somebody elses. I delivered it to them and they didn't have their key. I called the post office this morning and of course, the mailman wasn't the one doing the delivery yesterday. It was somebody else. But I told him I was waiting on 2 packages and I told him about my dilemma. Today, on my porch were 2 packages. One was one of the ones I was expecting. The other was a diaper bag from similac (which is super cool). I hope the other package isn't lost. I'm giving it a week. But, I LOVE what Donna gave me. It's the cutest! It's 2 bathing suits, a cover up and a hat. Grace is gonna be one cute beach bunny! I'm posting the picture of it.

Yesterday I also found one of my quilt squares chewed by my dear dog, Hope. I am going to send a new one to the person who it was supposed to go to. Hope has a penchant for anything cotton. I mean anything. Undies, t-shirts, socks, you name it she chews it. She's only a year so she's still puppy. That girl is going to test my patience. I guess it's a warm up of what is to come.

I went to dinner with two of my friends along with Gabster (Valorie's babinka). She is too cute! She's got the poutiest lips and the cutest teeth that are coming in. She is like a little doll. I've decided that when Denise gets her baby, we'll be the united colors of Benneton. Gabster is blonde/blue eyed, my Gracie will be Asian and I have a feeling that Denise will have a different culture baby than ours. I love it.


Donna said...

I'm so glad you like Grace's gift. I bought my daughter a blue bikini! Maybe next summer we'll both be at the White Swan swimming in their pool with OUR DAUGHTERS!