Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Skipping Chinese Class AGAIN! it's the guilty Catholic girl in me and I feel I must confess...I skipped Chinese class again. I've come up with many different reasons to make myself feel less guilty and here they are: I got out late of my meeting and I would only have half an hour to eat, take care of my dog and frankly I feel bad about leaving Hope by herself ALL DAY long (class doesn't get out until 9 p.m.); I am exhausted from work and had a headache; the first class was a total bust (it was like learning Chinese a la Tigger...bouncing all around); I'm not going to China until summer or fall so I have time; my $72 is going to a good cause no matter if I go or not; and finally, it's not like my daughter is going to be speaking Chinese when I get her. Do I feel better that I have confessed? No, not really. Maybe I should go to confession for patoral absolution. I just hate being a big ol quitter. Will I ever go back? Probably not. I didn't feel very comfortable in the first place and I need structure in learning a new language. I think I'm going to try tapes (maybe).

So, we got our update and I'm still pending review. I hope that will go without any hitches but I'm knocking on wood as I say that.

Did I tell you that Hope was in trouble today? She chewed up another square. She's so in trouble. She knew it too. I'm going to have to keep everything waaaaaay up high. I guess it's like prepping for a baby.