Monday, November 15, 2010

I think it' s back on

We met with the pulmonologist today for our follow up and we discussed the tonsilectomy.  He feels strongly that we should and I really respect his opinion so I think I will be scheduling it for the Christmas holiday break. My poor girl will be so uncomfortable for 2 weeks but in the end it should help her be healthier for her fontan in the summer.  Her strep test came back negative which shoots down her cardiologist's theory that maybe she's a it looks like it's a go. 

A good thing that happened today is that my Gracie gets to help Santa light the tree in Alamo Plaza a week from Friday.  It's a big deal.  She was chosen because she's a Make A Wish kiddo and she gets to ride on the sleigh with him.  I'm super stoked but hoping she doesn't freak out on seeing Santa like she did last year.  I'm trying to prep her now.  I need to find pictures of him so she knows who he is.  So, next Friday night, my girl might be on the news but in a good way!  I think this is going to be another great family memory to put in her lifebook.


Best Friend Sandra said...

Maybe take her to one of those mall santas to get her "warmed up" for her experience. That is WAY cool!

I've been out of touch with your blog what with everything going on, but I've really enjoyed going back and catching up. I feel like we are a million miles away from each other!