Monday, September 27, 2010

Mommy's Sense

I have learned that like Spiderman, mom's have a sixth sense when it comes to their children.  As a new mom, I have seen it with others, but I wasn't sure how mine was developing.  Turns out, I definitely have that mommy sense.  Let me just start out by saying this past school week, my daughter has been back to her Grace-face self and not having the serious meltdowns. It has been heavenly!  Thursday evening, she wasn't really eating a lot and I asked her if her throat was hurting.  She said yes.  Hmmmmmmm....there was also a report of strep in her class that week, she was off antibiotics since Tuesday.....AND Friday morning she had that smell on her breath when she has strep.  I took her to see our favorite doctor, Dr. Ohhhhh as Gracie calls her because she can't say her full name and she tested positive for step again.  Poor baby!  So, we are on another round of antibiotics.  This will make 8 weeks on antibiotics.  And Saturday night, the cough came back.  I gave her so benadryl last night which helped a bit but I think I am going to have to call the doctor back and let them know.  Aye Yi Yi!  She is sleeping though and I'm trying hard to let her sleep as long as possible. 

I also am sick but am in recovery.  Walking pneumonia has totally whipped my butt but  I am feeling better, at least breathing-wise.  I'm just exhausted easily.  So, the two of us are sickies.  But the thought that terrifies me is that if she keeps getting sick, they are going to want to do the surgery earlier.  We are not ready for that.  Say a little prayer for Grace's recovery and that we can figure out what's going on and why she is getting sick over and over.  Her hemotologist said that her tests came back normal so we aren't sure why the test was irregular before.  I guess that is a good thing but I wish we had some clear cut ideas about why she is always getting sick and why it takes so long for her to heal.  I am learning so much about the body systems and how they work that I could start my own doctor practice!  Not really but it's interesting how much my focus has changed and what I research has changed.  in a year.  It's going to be a day at a time week.  She has speech and occupational therapy this morning and I'll try to make an appointment this afternoon to check out her cough.