Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have walking pneumonia and trying to heal and rest with an active 2 year old don't really go together.  My sister and my niece took her to Mommy &Me dance class yesterday.  I was so glad they did.  Both girls had a good time.  My biggest issue is feeling so worn out doing little things.  I need a lot of rest.  What makes it worse is that Grace's sleep issues have become worse.  She doesn't want to sleep and when she is falling asleep or half waking up, she kicks and hits.  She's not really totally with it.  I think something is up but I haven't quite figured it out yet.  She HATES to go to sleep.  She is very active and funny, especially when she yells in her sleep, "NO HOPE!  MY HAM! MY HAM!" (Hope is our dog).  My daughter does love her ham.  We talk about it in the morning and we talk about how we keep the ham away from Hope and that Hope sleeps downstairs. 

Grace qualified for speech in our school district and will start receiving services when she turns 3.  The ARD hasn't happened yet but it should soon.  Grace starts her new school tomorrow.  I think I am more nervous than she will be.  I hope it's a great day.