Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Does She Speak English?

When Grace and I were leaving her new school yesterday, another mom approached me and said, "She's sooooo cute...." and in the next breath asked "Does she speak English?"  Okay, the protective mom in me flashed briefly and wanted to say, "Does your kid?" Instead I said, "Yes, she speaks and understands English.  She has been home for over a year."  My mom asked me if I was bothered by the comment but it's more annoying.  People are gonna ask stupid questions like that.  It's just people and it's their ignorance.  I've gotten a lot of those stupid questions, "Is she yours?" "Where is she from?"  "Is she Korean because my whatever adopted a baby from there" and I did get the dreaded "How much did she cost you?"  I choose not to get upset and answer them in a nice way.  Most of the time the question ended with that question and either the comment of "She's so beautiful" or "What a Lucky Girl!"  I always say she is beautiful and we are both lucky girls to have each other.  My beautiful girl is going to have to deal with these types of questions and she looks to me on how to handle them.  If I get all bent out of shape, then most likely so will she. 

Her new school is going well. She is adjusting and is quiet and clingy when she gets home but I know it will take her time.  It's a big change.  She is at least not kicking the heck out of me when she goes to sleep.  Last night she wanted the lamp on and the TV on.  So, she started watching Glee with me but then fell asleep halfway through.  I'm still the walking dead with walking pneumonia.  I walk a little and then cough my guts out.  I'm doing better though than the day before and I actually made it the whole day at work.  We go see the hemotologist on Thursday and I think he is going to take more blood.  I might just bring Gracie back to school with me and then she can stay with her Mimi and Pa after their doctor appointment.  It just depends on how it goes.