Wednesday, December 19, 2007

UGH and Small things that make me happy

I admit that I'm a rebel at work. Not in a bad way though. I don't let administration bully me and I really advocate for my library and my assistant. Today was one of those days that I was bucking the system. I was already in a bad mood because my AP decided to move all the furniture in my library for our faculty meeting so he could have just chairs in a circle. Yeah, that's great and all but I had students coming in first period to check out books and they couldn't get into the stacks because there was furniture in the rows! Did my AP make sure the custodians were ready to put it back together? Was he there helping me, Anita, my student aide move furniture frantically so we'd be ready? That would be No, and No. So, he was not my favorite person. So, when he made me draw for a day of the week to do D-hall for tardy sweep (3:45-4:15), I pretty much came unglued. It may not sound like much to everybody else, but my library is open until 4 every day. I have more kiddos coming in after school now because the mornings (again, another duty, every day from 7:50 until 8:20) have now been invaded by an academic coaching center and alot of my regulars need peace and quiet to do what they need to do. make a long story shorter, we exchanged e-mails that resulted with me not having to be part of it, but it took a very strong voice. I know my friend, D, who is a teacher at my school thinks I'm being a big whiner, but she doesn't get it. I, unlike her, am on duty every morning before and after school. Tardies don't affect me so the whole tardy problem honestly isn't my problem. I do hall duty and herd kids to class during passing periods. Anyways, it's fixed.

BUT, what made me happy was knowing that I have new books coming in from processing. There are several titles that I'm dying to read (as are some of my kids who saw that they have been entered into the catalog and they are busting at the seams). And the other thing that made me very happy was doing a whole installation of an under cabinet CD player in my kitchen with no help. I was so proud of myself. I'm a regular Renaissance Woman.

Two more days until Winter Break. I can make it. I still have a lot of shopping to do. My mom told me she wasn't going to do any more shopping before Christmas and she would get me what I wanted after Christmas. You think it would be much asking her for my daughter? Honestly, that IS the ONLY thing I REALLY want for Christmas.