Thursday, December 20, 2007

It Must be Fate!

Today, my best friend Sandra and I played hooky and did our annual Christmas shopping trip to the outlet mall. So, Sandra needed to get ornaments for her department because she wanted to add that to the chocolate/orange cookies that she was baking for them. We found a store that had ornaments for $.99 which is a steal. I am so not totally looking for anything. I put up my little tree and I think I'm good for ornaments. We were walking along the shelves and what do I spy? Chinese New Year zodiac animal ornaments and Chinese robes! Of course, I get one of every one that they had. This really isn't the fate part, it'll come a bit later. Then Sandra keeps walking down the aisle and lo and behold, what does she find? An ornament of an orange dipped in chocolate (like her cookies) and it was marked even lower! How cool was that! Okay, so here comes the fate part. Sandra glances back and sees these little pink, foofy stockings that had little girls' names on them. She asks me to look for one with her daughter's name, Holly. I go over to the rack, I grab one and the name on it is "Grace". "Hmmm...kinda strange," I think to myself. I go to the backside of the rack to a whole different row and grab another one, guess what that one says? You guessed it, Grace! I think it is a sign that my daughter indeed will be coming home soon. Now, I looked at the rest of the stockings because my first thought was that the rack only had stockings with "Grace" on them but those were the only two. I couldn't find a Holly one. Of course, I did buy the stocking and what made it even better, it was only $1.07 including tax! It's small things like this that God gives us to remind us that good things (our children) are coming around the bend. It helps us hold onto that fragile ledge that we're clinging to for our dear lives during this bumpy ride of Chinese adoption. It truly has been my saving Grace for this week.