Tuesday, December 11, 2007

DDR & Luo Pan

I have to tell you that I truly do believe in fate. It's small, stupid, and insignificant things that truly make me a believer. Today was an example. I had to go to Wal Mart today to get kleenex and water for work. Strange, I know, but we needed them. I wanted to go earlier around 9ish but Shannon and I both forgot our lunch (actually we haven't been bringing it this last few weeks) and I was going to go out to get it. I didn't want to leave twice because I didn't want to lose my space, leave Shannon twice and frankly, I was feeling a bit lazy after my whole blood pressure episode yesterday. I decided to go around 11ish and then pick up our favorite Subway Meatball Marina meal right afterwards. I got what I needed but I wanted to check the prices of the coax cables so I went to the electronics section. I have a Wii and I am totally wanting DDR & Guitar Hero so I went to the case and to my surprise I found 2 things: DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and 2 Wii systems. My parents had been wanting a Wii for themselves (my dad likes to play golf and bowling and it keeps them from bickering) so I was able to get both. These things are like hard to get. It was fate because they had just put them out and there were 3 people after me looking for them. So, now my parents are proud owners of Wii. I'm still on the hunt for Guitar Hero though. I'm so ready to "play" a little Metallica.

I got my Luo Pan yesterday for Gracie and for my best friend's daughter, Holly. I got them from Annabelle's Wish and 100% of the profits go to help Annabelle's Wish which helps Chinese orphanages. They still have plenty available. I'll have to put a link or you can google it to get one. It's only $10 a doll. Luo Pan is too cute and I can't wait until my daughter gets her. Holly, who will be 8 months next week and who just started crawling two days ago is 1/4 Chinese (my best friend Sandra is half) will love having a doll that looks like her.

So I guess what I have learned today is that fate has a way of righting everything. My time will come and all will be right. I'm hanging onto this.