Friday, August 03, 2007

The stork landings and my liver in a quiver

The stork landed yesterday. I have to confess that I am back to checking out RQs site. I don't know if I am taking everything said seriously...more like with a grain of salt. I love her site most when she posts the blogs of those who get their babies. I love, LOVE, to see their beautiful little faces. Some look sweet, some have that mischievous sparkle in their eyes, some look very serious and some have that dreamy look. I love to check out their clothing and hairstyles. It used to be very bittersweet for me (I was sad it wasn't me but happy for those who got their children) but now it's like hope for me. It makes me happy and I can for a second imagine myself on that day (soon! it will be sooner than we all think) waiting to get "The Call" and seeing Grace for the first time. If I'm crying for other people, I can only imagine how I'm going to be. Geez. But congrats to all those families seeing their childrens' faces.

You're probably wondering about the liver in a quiver thing. On the cruise, I got acupuncture to help my headaches (and it was a little late but it helped my seasickness as well as my headaches). The actupuncturist was telling me that all the diet sodas and other junk I was eating was damaging my liver and that was part of the reason I was having headaches. So, now everytime I see a soda I hear his voice and it literally puts my liver into a quiver! I wanted to have a soda today and started drinking one but it didn't taste good! He told me a good alternative was kambucha tea (I know I misspelled it but that's okay). I got the citrus one and basically it tastes like Fresca but with vinegar or it tastes like Alka Seltzer! Yuck! Guess I'm going back to iced tea and water! Oh well.

I'm posting my favorite picture from the trip. My mom and the fruit lady in Jamaica. It cracks me up!