Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back to Work

This week I am back at work. I was glad to be back to get away from family drama, but I'm sad my summer has come to an end. We have a new principal and 18 new teachers! Wow! I think one of our new teachers, I taught her in 5th grade (actually I was the student teacher, but same thing!) I always thought it was weird that I worked with some of my former teachers (I still work with my 8th grade English teacher) but now I feel OLD! Oh well. The rain is causing MAJOR leaks in the school's roof that just got replaced this summer. Lucky for me that my library is okay (it had been leaking before).

My grandparents are in the nursing home. I think it's been an okay adjustment. My grandmother told me she wants to go home. We went to visit this weekend and it was tough seeing them there. I can understand why some people don't go visit their loved ones there because not only is it sad, it's because you feel horrible and guilty that you couldn't care for them yourself and they lost their independence and can't stay in their own home. I know this is the best thing for them care-wise, but I can't help but feel sad. I think I'll be going again this weekend. My mom is having a super hard time with this as well.

So, I'm getting closer to 15 months of waiting. People are still asking me "When is that baby coming already?" I have to just smile and sigh and say that am hoping soon and then I have to explain everything. Sometimes I wish I had a video or recording so I wouldn't have to go over it so many times. Geez. I need to find a humorous answer so I won't feel so frustrated.