Monday, August 06, 2007

Feed Me Seymour!

Today I went with my best friend, Sandra to Ikea to buy these bags for her math teachers. I have to say, she has one of THE BEST babies in the world. Holly is super sweet. She is a good passenger in the car. She is only 3 1/2 months old. As we were leaving, the hunger hit her hard and fast. She turned 10 different shades of red as she let us know that she was starving! Poor Sandra was working as fast as she could to check out and get Holly's bottle warmed up. She did it but as we were driving home she said she was embarassed that people were staring at her. She didn't do anything wrong. She was very calm and she was trying to calm her baby as well, but we all know that sometimes babies are just too upset to calm down right away (just like big people! heck when I'm hungry I want food right then and I get grumpy too!) It made me think, that's probably going to happen to me too. So, I am getting read to gear myself up for stares of people when my child has a meltdown in public. I think I should start reading up on the topic.

I also found out today that my grandparents are going into the nursing home on Thursday. I visited with my grandmother on Sunday and I know this is going to devestate her. Unfortunately, this is the kind of care she needs. I hear my grandfather knows and my friend Denise has already warned me to be prepared for his wrath of anger because he is losing his independence. I'll be there Thursday. I'm not sure I want to but my mom asked and I will always try to support her.


Donna said...

It's good that you are going to be there on Thursday.

This must be so hard on your family.