Thursday, July 19, 2007

Update on the familia

I haven't posted about what has been going on in my family (my grandparents' situation) because it has been kind of in debate but recently it has been settled through mediation. Let's hope it sticks. I'm sad about the outcome, but I know it will be for the best. My grandparents will be going into a nursing home. My aunts and uncles are withdrawing their complaints to the state about my grandparents' care. There is still a lot of anger on the parts of a couple of my aunts and uncles but at least they are finally trying to do what is best for my grandparents. I'm glad they (my grandparents will be together) but I'm sad that it is in a nursing home. They can't care for themselves and their children are older and can't care for them (heck, I'm helping my parents out so I get it). I'm praying that the peace will stay for a while now.

I have to say that daytime TV has been a little bit disturbing. Does Maury Povich have anything else as a topic except the Who's Your Daddy/paternity tests? My goodness, these women/girls have been there multiple times looking for the correct DNA. Does that bother anybody else but me? Geez louise. In order to adopt as a single woman, I had to reveal a lot of personal, intimate information to my social worker in order to be approved. These girls are just popping out babies and they don't know who the daddy is. It is so sad that seems to be going on and nobody thinks twice about it. Times are a changing.

On a brighter note, I'm excited because I will be leaving this weekend for the Caribbean. Yippee! I plan on reading the whole week (Harry Potter is coming out on Saturday) and siteseeing when we pull into the various ports. Hope is going to doggie daycare/overnight camp. I hope it goes well for her.