Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ladybugs and Storks

The stork has landed. Referrals came out. The hard news was that only about six days of referrals was in this batch. I thought I would be a little bummed, but I was actually okay. It was like a relief that they had finally made it into November, which is one step closer to May. I focus on baby steps. It keeps me sane. So, it's a good thing. I'm very happy for all of the parents who saw the faces of their children these past few days. What a blessing.

I'm also feeling positive because I had a ladybug my house no less. I tried to take its picture but my lighting was poor and it looked psychedelic. I might post the picture later. Yeah, I'll take that as a sign of good luck.

Tomorrow I am off to the conference in Dallas. It should be interesting. I feel bad leaving my Hope Sophia at home. My parents will look in on her. I'm flying up Friday night and flying back Saturday night. She should be okay. I'm definitely taking her for a walk tomorrow afternoon.