Saturday, November 11, 2006

Waiting Family Dinner

I went to the waiting family dinner for my adoption agency last night. I took my parents with me. It was very interesting to see people with their new babies and the referral pictures. It is a good thing to see because you know that soon it will happen for you in the future.

I also visited with my grandparents today. We played poker and my mom was the big poker champ. I started out strong but lost the most. Tomorrow we'll play dominoes. It's my grandfather's favorite game. He was having a bit of trouble playing poker. It made me sad. But, I learned today that he had been hit by a streetcar when he was a boy and had to have stitches. It's those little stories that I want to remember and write down and share with Grace about her great grandfather. He led a very interesting life.

I'm posting the picture of my ladybug troll. I'm hoping she brings our May group good luck and fast referrals (come on May!)


Aggies said...

Glad you went to the waiting families dinner.. I could not make it by 6 because of the time i get off of work..I like it when they have it on Saturdays better..The next one I go to I will see if my sister and brother in law will come with me.. One of these days we will run into each other..


Donna said...

That is a hideous troll! Maybe if you send the CCAA a pic they'll be so scared we'll get our referrals early