Monday, November 06, 2006

The Brown Envelope

After a long and extremely BORING meeting today, I got a big surprise. I was already cranky and my neck is sore from sleeping on it wrong when I opened my mailbox and there was this huge brownish envelope at the bottom of my mailbox. I noticed something about federal government and travel. I threw my mail into my passenger seat and rushed to my house so I could examine it closer (I would have done it in my car, but I had to pee pretty badly and there were those kids who were throwing a ball around where my car and I was so I was a bit leery of getting hit). I ran inside, and scrounged through my mail. It was the great brown envelope. I have my number and everything now. Woo-hoo. I hope it bodes as a good sign that referrals will speed up. The next good thing is that I got my places everyone e-mail and it looks like my month will be soon going through review (maybe the next month or the following month). Yippee! Hopefully that is a sign. So, things are getting brighter on the adoption front. I honestly hope that it is a 12 month wait and not 14 or 18 or 24. I hope I can travel this summer because it would work out better (I could take more time off from work). I'm wishing and hoping and praying!


Donna said...

Congrats on the receiving the infamous Brown Envelope!!! I won't be getting my because I moved. Maybe I should bribe my old postal carrier to mail it!

Donna said...

Okay should have been I won't be getting mine. Gotta learn me some English one day!