Sunday, August 21, 2011

She wants what?

After all that has been said and done to my sweet miracle, I am finding it hard not giving her most of what she wants...I don't want to create a bratty monster.  In fact, she really doesn't ask for or demand anything.  But she blew me away Friday evening when she asked me for a sister.  So, after my best friend, who is pregnant and due tomorrow, leaves Gracie says, "I want a sister." "A what?" I ask her because I couldn't really understand what she was saying.  I start naming things around the room and she shakes her head no, that wasn't what she wanted.  Finally she said it slowly, "I want a sisss-taaaahhh, please, please, please."  "A sister?"  She nods her head yes very vigorously and continues with her sweet please, please, please plea.   I said to her, we can talk about it when you get healthy.  She grins and nods like she has won the lottery.  I think she thinks she is going to get a sister and it'll be fun.  I volunteered my best friend's new baby to be a trial sister for her but she said that she wanted her own.  She didn't want a baby sister though.  She wants a younger sister who she can play with.  I honestly have always imagined having a second child, a sibling for my sweet girl.  However, in light of her serious health issues, I took it off the table so the focus would always be Gracie and I never wanted a sibling to ever feel slighted because of the attention to Gracie's health.  We talked about how a sister would affect our life, not being able to travel as much, etc.  She briefly changed her mind but went back to wanting a little sister.  She totally threw me a curve ball...she had totally been okay with being an only child and now she wants a sister.  Something to think about. Not immediately. Maybe in the future.


Aggies said...

J is ready to play with her ( and be her younger " sister " ) when she is able..