Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heart Update

We were able to talk to the heart team today. It seems that everything looks good and they are happy with what they saw. There was some leaking in one of the valves but they weren't overly concerned. I do love Dr. Hussein and he makes me feel better. They want to possibly do the Fontan in early fall before flu season. Of course, my problem is the time off. I'm a single mom and I don't have the days. The doesn't seem to matter that much to Dr. Calhoon but they will try to "work" around my schedule. He made a comment that she will be okay during the day if I have to go to work. Yeah, nurses have a lot of time to babysit my child. I just don't want to even think about that. There is a possibility that we can wait until next summer. The team doesn't want to make that the plan. They want to take it a few months or a month at a time. I want what's best for my daughter but at the same time, it stresses me out thinking of having a surgery during the school year and not having the days or someone to watch her afterward. That's one of the sucky things about being a single mom is that you don't have that luxury of having at least someone else to share this "burden". I just have to have faith that it will work itself out and God will always provide the right time and will get me through it. He always does.

On a brighter note, the high blood pressure meds seem to be helping. She is happier and I can tell she's feeling better. She's laughing a whole lot more. I don't know if it's the meds or if it's because we are together alot more (she only goes to school 2 times a week during the summer). Maybe it's a combo. All in all, things could be a whole lot worse. There was a little boy who was in the clinic who was preparing for a heart transplant. Yikes! That makes our issues so small in comparison. I'm gonna say a little prayer for that sweet boy.