Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day and Yesterday in the ER

Gracie had been having chest pains since Thursday night. She was waking up crying...not night terror crying but pain crying. She wanted me to rub her chest and she said it hurt. I gave her the purple Tylenol which helped but it seemed that she was asking for the purple almost every 4 hours. That isn't like her. She doesn't complain about pain rather she becomes a troll and acts out when she's not feeling great. I had called her cardiologist and he wasn't too concerned. I was concerned after several dayscrying, tylenol and chest rubbing so we spent Saturday afternoon in the ER. I just wanted to make sure for my own state of mind that her little heart was okay. After 5 hours, it turns out she is okay. I was relieved. I think what frustrates me is that I don't know a lot about these things and her particular cardiologist doesn't really reassure me. It's almost like a blow off. She's doing better. We've only had one call for Tylenol in the last 24 hours. So, I'm waiting to hear from the doctor about her surgery this week, hopefully Tuesday afternoon.

We had a good Father's Day with my dad. We are lucky to have him and I hope he likes the Muno shirt we made him.