Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Updated Info

So, the nurse who schedules all of the heart stuff at the hospital calls me. I'm in my car at the parking lot of Office Depot. She says, "Hi, I'm calling to schedule Grace's fontan, I mean cath and sedated echo." Yikes...that's a freudian slip. So she gives me the date of June the 15th and tells me that we might have to stay overnight and then her case will be presented the following week to the surgeons and then surgery will be scheduled. So, I's a pretty good chance she's gonna have surgery? There's a pause and then she says probably so. Basically these tests are the precursor. The surgery will happen 2 to 3 weeks after...just all depends on the schedule and both surgeons have to be around because her case is pretty complex, her words, not mine. So, again, I started feeling a little bit woozy and emotional because yet again I'm not emotionally prepared. I know the positives that she's younger, she'll forget it, she'll heal faster, she'll get it done faster...I know there's a lot of good things about the surgery...I just hate that she's going to have to have another traumatic event happen to her in less than a year. The worse thing...the daycare called and said her sats were really low after playing and just a bit a go they were again in the low 70s which isn't a great thing right now. She still has a nasty cough we can't kick. So, in my emotional mind I'm thinking she's really getting bad again which scares the heck out of me which makes me think let's get this thing done NOW!

On a brighter note, my girl is going to get to be in the front row of the Yo Gabba Gabba Live Tour in December! She is so in love with that show, especially Muno and Biz Marky. She wears her Muno shirt to bed and when she takes it off, she gives him a kiss and tells him bye-bye. If she could have any wish right now, it would probably be to see Muno and or Biz . We have like 4 shirts, the sheets, and all of the DVDs. It is what keeps her calm and we take the portable DVD player and the DVDs everywhere. I'll be bringing them to the hospital. I am hoping that the Gabba bunch will be the calming medicine when we go. I wish I could somehow contact them and tell them thank you for helping my girl when she's having a tough time. They make her day.


Tracey said...

Sorry this is happening, Jamie. It's great that Grace is with you now and able to get the care she needs. Whitney will have a surgery in August to remove the metal bracket on her left leg. It's supposed to be much easier than her surgery last summer. I think I'm more afraid this time than last now that I know her better and I love her even more, if that's possible. From one single mom to another, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Grace for strength and healing as you go through this time together. All the best.

Sue said...

HI jamie,
I know just how you feel, our daughter adopted from China in Aug. 09 had the Glenn in Sept. 09 and she is scheduled for a echo on July 14, Fontan on July 16. I am so scared for her. I will be so glad when it's over and her stats are in the 90's. Wishing you the best, I will follow along.