Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

It was my first Mother's Day with Gracie. It was a great morning following by bratasaurus Grace in the afternoon because she is refused to take a nap. Discipline with her is a whole different ball game that I have ever played before. All of the things that worked with the other children I have ever cared for don't really work with her. She is one of the most tencious persons I have ever met. I admire it but yet it is a big ol burr in my saddlebag and quite frankly it exhausts me. I know that it is her tenacity that kept her alive so long. She really shouldn't have survived so long without medical intervention. So, I always have to remember and respect the survivor instinct she has in her and try to remember that when dealing with her when she is being incredibly stubborn. I do know that despite everything, she is the best thing ever and I love her with all of my heart. I'm not looking forward to middle school when that tenacious streak really shows up in an ugly way but hopefully by then I will be ready for it...NOT

But, you know that's all part of motherhood. I have learned you sleep differently (and don't sleep as well); you watch all the TV shows your kids do (and learn to love them like Yo Gabba Gabb); you miss spending time with your friends and going out to the movie theaters but when you watch them sleep the sight makes you forget all that stuff; you go to the bathroom, take a shower with the door open or with your child either opening the shower curtain or standing next to you in the bathroom (sometimes the bathroom is the only time you have to yourself); you always feed your child first and your child starts wearing the cute outfits instead of you; you hum and sing all of the songs from the Sesame Street CD or the TV show your child loves (right now ours is Yo Gabba Gabba and I'm always singing "Hold Still") at work driving your poor co-workers nuts (or in my case, poor Shannon is now singing them and she doesn't watch the show); you find yourself falling asleep right after your child goes to sleep or sometimes before if you are super sleepy; when they go to sleep, you know you should too but you try to get caught up on your own stuff, like I should be going to sleep instead of blogging. But, in the end of it all, it makes you a stronger person and in the words of Jerry Maguire, my Gracie completes me.


Single Women Adopting Children said...

Happy mother's day to you too! Great post! I have to say....Mila is a little stubborn/strong willed too and find myself saying "why can't she just do it like would be so much easier." But- they are worth it- aren't they. Mila pointed to a picture of me last week and said "mama"....brought tears to my eyes. We have to cherish these moments - especially when they are over-tired and refusing to nap.