Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween & Other Stuff

I know I have been remiss in posting. It seems that I'm always running around and not having a lot of time to blog, which I miss. Grace is doing okay. We start round 2 of synagis tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to. They are painful and no fun. She gets her next set of shots in a few weeks (we are playing catch up). At least it's only 3 shots and not 5 like last time. We are going to have our official ECI evaluation, see the developmental pediatrician and our six month homestudy update and go to court for readoption in the next 3 weeks. This weekend is the heart walk which will be fun.

Halloween was good. Grace was a flower and I was a tree. We went on my sister's street trick or treating and then went to big Grace's house for a party. We didn't stay long because my Gracie was tired. She has been having tummy and teething troubles lately. I was supposed to go skydiving on Saturday too but didn't because Grace and I had a rough night. Good thing because the guy before us had an issue with his parachute. I hear there was other drama so thankfully I was glad we didn't go. Isn't it cool how things work out in the strangest ways?