Saturday, March 29, 2008

All is Well

The worst part of having tests done to someone you love is the waiting. My dad's appointment was for 10 a.m. He didn't have the test until 2:00 p.m. Once they got rolling, it was only an hour and a half later, an angioplasty with a stint, that my dad was in his room to recover overnight. It turns out he had 3 blockages: 2 100% blockages and 1 80% blockage. The 80% was a major one so they did the stint on that one. He's doing very well. I did the Race for the Cure this morning and my mom brought my dad home. He said he's just a bit sore and can't bend over to tie his shoes because it hurts. Other than that, he's doing great. I'm so glad. I think I'm feeling worse than he is after that early morning 5K walk this morning. My whole body aches. I think that's a sign for me to get a little more exercise than my strolls with mom and Hope in the afternoon.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dad's heart test

I should be at work right now but I have taken the day off. I am taking my dad to his heart test at the heart hospital today. It's where they go in through the groin and go up into the heart. Hopefully, everything will turn out to where he doesn't have have any other procedures done except the test. He's a bit nervous and I can't say that I blame him. So, say a little prayer that everything goes all right.

On a brighter note, Sunday is my 36th birthday. It's so weird to think that I am in my later 30s, going towards 40, which isn't a bad thing. It just seems that I was 20 something a blink of an eye. I love my 30s because I definitely haven't made the boneheaded mistakes I made in my 20s...yeah one word: Kyle. I had to get my driver's license renewed at the actual DMV and I begged them to keep the old picture but it seems I can't be 27 forever. My birthday wish is that I get Grace before I turn 37. OH WAIT! Am I supposed to be revealing my birthday wish? Is it a jinx that I just said it aloud? Oh well! The truth of the matter is that I will be getting my daughter sometime in the not too distance future. That's a great present.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter, Mom's Birthday and Chicago

Today was not only Easter but my mom's birthday. I bar b qued some burgers and hot dogs and we all hung out. It was a nice day and I think my mom had a nice day.

I LOVED Chicago, up until Thursday at the airport. My favorite part of the trip was seeing Wicked. It is now my favorite musical. We almost won front row tickets for $25.00 but they only had one seat and I had to turn them down because I needed two seats. The food was great (Tempo breakfasts rocked!) as was the Art Institute. My favorite section of that museum was the impressionists. My friend, D was cracking me up because she was playing the cloud game while she looked at these paintings. She saw a hot dog and a lucha librador's (a mexican wrestler's) mask on a bridge in a Monet painting. The Navy Pier was also cool. It has a stained glass museum. Our phrase of the trip came from a little girl telling a little boy, "That's not Jesus! That's a woman!" as they looked at a stained glass window. We loved the cool weather coming in from 90 degrees the day before in Texas. We also loved riding on the El. We didn't get to do a whole heap since we were only there a few days but I want to go back. So, what did I hate about Chicago? O'Hare airport. First of all, I lost my earring there (one of the ones I made...I was so proud that I made a necklace, bracelet and earrings in beading class that previous weekend). I think I am the only person who was way early for a flight and still missed her plane. We got there early and we weren't told that flights often move gates. So....long story can probably guess what happened...they moved our flight, didn't make an announcement and we missed our flight because we were sitting at the gate that was listed on our boarding pass. We had to fly on stand by and the next flight was 5 hours later. Not a great day. You know that song by Van Halen, "Jamie's Crying", yep that was me. At least I got caught up with my reading (Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers) for my Cool Guys Read book club and another chick lit book (something about a non-blonde cheerleader) for my 8th grade girls book club.

I am glad to be home. Tomorrow, back to the library grind. It's our day to get fingerprinted. Oh joy!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

One more week until Spring Break

I have been getting ready for my trip to Chicago next week. I realized that being a Southern Texas girl, I'm probably going to freeze my booty off (which might be a good thing since I have gained some weight in this LONG wait). I love lists because it keeps me on task so I have made a list of things that I need to pack and I hope I bring enough warm things. I have to take Hope next Sunday to the Pawderosa (yes, that's what it's's doggy daycare and boarding) for her mini vacation from me. Now I need to make a list of the places we want to go.

The Waiting Child program has changed again in my agency. I wish they would make up their mind on how they are going to handle it. It's frustrating because it's constantly changing and I don't think they have told their clients exactly why it's being changed and how it's going to work now. It still frustrates me that people who aren't clients of my agency might apply and receive a special need referral before someone who has been waiting a long time. I know there isn't a perfect way of matching in this program. I just wish that they would at least show the profiles of the children. I am at the point where I am probably going to wait for apply again because I am going to be working summer school this year and if the price of the donation fee is going to increase, I'm going to need the extra time to have EVERYTHING and a little more (you know that little extra padding so I don't totally wipe out my savings account).

Last but not least while I'm venting, I have to vent about a mother of one of our students. It has been discovered that this child (less than 14 years old) is pregnant and guess what? Her mom is EXCITED about becoming a grandmother. Mind you, financially, they are strapped....on government assistance. She's glad that her less than 14 year old daughter is pregnant! I don't understand! She's a BABY having a BABY! I'm glad the baby isn't being aborted, but what about adoption? Are they setting this child up for the same thing, the same vicious cycle of babies having babies? I know so many couples who can't have children who would die to adopt this child (as well as many singles, including myself) and would offer the baby so many more opportunities. I am sure it's devestating to give up a child and I know I shouldn't judge, but I feel she is being incredibly selfish. I just had to vent my frustrations about this. I'm sad for all the parties involved. The father is the same age (actually maybe 14) and I like him but he's been kicked out of school because of drugs and other things. I guess I am going to save a prayer for them that everything will be okay.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Torture All Kids Slowly (better known as TAKS)

My 10 year old niece, Alex, has informed me that TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills) is really Torture All Kids Slowly. You know, after what I've seen and have had to do in the last five years, I would have to agree with her. It makes me sad that 3rd graders are getting sick because they're stressing over a TEST! My niece was a bit freaked out because she was getting 2s on her practice writing samples. We had kids coming to school sick and barfing during the test because this test is so important. I had to cover all of my posters in my library because heaven forbid they are inspired by a poster of a Dewey Decimal sign or a picture of a monkey or a poster of Coolio reading. Seriously, I had better things to do with my time than cover my walls with green paper (that I think is a serious waste of paper as well). You have to cross you t's and then quadruple check that you did and make sure everybody else does as well. It's crazy. I'm glad the first one is over but there are at least 5 more of these days to come. May the force be with all Texas public school students.

Congrats to all families who got their referral. It looks like the babies in this batch were very young. All I know is that a part of me is glad that I am able to save a little more especially since I've seen the rumor that a couple of provinces are increasing their donation fees! YIKES!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Laments and Ladybugs

Last week was one of the craziest weeks I have ever had. I realized how much I have come to depend on Shannon. When I first became a librarian, my assistant wasn't the best. I pretty much did everything by myself. The second year, they took away our assistants at middle school and again, I was on my own AND I also coached basketball, volleyball and track. I had no problems do everything on my own. The third year, we got our assistants back and Shannon came to work with me. I was able to give up many of my jobs to her to make the library run more smoothly and efficiently. Now, stupid cancer, has put a big ol road block in the smoothness. Shannon got sick this week and was out for several days. I knew it was going to happen. We had to do TAKS training and this teacher, who I know wasn't thinking, but I can't help but be upset with her, sat down next to Shannon. This teacher is ALWAYS sick, coughing and sneezing. And guess what, she sneezed but really didn't cover her face, but turned away, and of course, several hours later, Shannon was sick as a dog. Seriously folks, if you are sick, don't sit next to the bald woman going through chemo-therapy. She's already sick, don't add more stuff to her. I don't know who I was frustrated with more...Shannon for not wearing a mask and sitting by everybody or Sneezy teacher. It was a crazy week in which I had to juggle two classes a day by myself (no assistant), a retirement party, and broken tvs, overheads, and crazy computers. I was frustrated and honestly was a bit angry at the whole situation. I wanted to blame someone, but nobody deserves the blame.

On a brighter note, my parents bought me a mountain laurel. On its leaves was guess what... a ladybug. Referrals should be coming soon. I'm very excited to see all of the babies. It makes me very happy. I think after this referral batch, there are only 19 LID dates for my agency that are ahead of me. That's not too shabby.

This week is TAKS week. Rumor has it that TEA will be making a stop at our school (AGAIN...our special ed got audited this past week and it went well). I hate testing. I hope by the time my daughter starts school TAKS will be done. I can only wish.