Sunday, March 09, 2008

One more week until Spring Break

I have been getting ready for my trip to Chicago next week. I realized that being a Southern Texas girl, I'm probably going to freeze my booty off (which might be a good thing since I have gained some weight in this LONG wait). I love lists because it keeps me on task so I have made a list of things that I need to pack and I hope I bring enough warm things. I have to take Hope next Sunday to the Pawderosa (yes, that's what it's's doggy daycare and boarding) for her mini vacation from me. Now I need to make a list of the places we want to go.

The Waiting Child program has changed again in my agency. I wish they would make up their mind on how they are going to handle it. It's frustrating because it's constantly changing and I don't think they have told their clients exactly why it's being changed and how it's going to work now. It still frustrates me that people who aren't clients of my agency might apply and receive a special need referral before someone who has been waiting a long time. I know there isn't a perfect way of matching in this program. I just wish that they would at least show the profiles of the children. I am at the point where I am probably going to wait for apply again because I am going to be working summer school this year and if the price of the donation fee is going to increase, I'm going to need the extra time to have EVERYTHING and a little more (you know that little extra padding so I don't totally wipe out my savings account).

Last but not least while I'm venting, I have to vent about a mother of one of our students. It has been discovered that this child (less than 14 years old) is pregnant and guess what? Her mom is EXCITED about becoming a grandmother. Mind you, financially, they are strapped....on government assistance. She's glad that her less than 14 year old daughter is pregnant! I don't understand! She's a BABY having a BABY! I'm glad the baby isn't being aborted, but what about adoption? Are they setting this child up for the same thing, the same vicious cycle of babies having babies? I know so many couples who can't have children who would die to adopt this child (as well as many singles, including myself) and would offer the baby so many more opportunities. I am sure it's devestating to give up a child and I know I shouldn't judge, but I feel she is being incredibly selfish. I just had to vent my frustrations about this. I'm sad for all the parties involved. The father is the same age (actually maybe 14) and I like him but he's been kicked out of school because of drugs and other things. I guess I am going to save a prayer for them that everything will be okay.