Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter, Mom's Birthday and Chicago

Today was not only Easter but my mom's birthday. I bar b qued some burgers and hot dogs and we all hung out. It was a nice day and I think my mom had a nice day.

I LOVED Chicago, up until Thursday at the airport. My favorite part of the trip was seeing Wicked. It is now my favorite musical. We almost won front row tickets for $25.00 but they only had one seat and I had to turn them down because I needed two seats. The food was great (Tempo breakfasts rocked!) as was the Art Institute. My favorite section of that museum was the impressionists. My friend, D was cracking me up because she was playing the cloud game while she looked at these paintings. She saw a hot dog and a lucha librador's (a mexican wrestler's) mask on a bridge in a Monet painting. The Navy Pier was also cool. It has a stained glass museum. Our phrase of the trip came from a little girl telling a little boy, "That's not Jesus! That's a woman!" as they looked at a stained glass window. We loved the cool weather coming in from 90 degrees the day before in Texas. We also loved riding on the El. We didn't get to do a whole heap since we were only there a few days but I want to go back. So, what did I hate about Chicago? O'Hare airport. First of all, I lost my earring there (one of the ones I made...I was so proud that I made a necklace, bracelet and earrings in beading class that previous weekend). I think I am the only person who was way early for a flight and still missed her plane. We got there early and we weren't told that flights often move gates. So....long story can probably guess what happened...they moved our flight, didn't make an announcement and we missed our flight because we were sitting at the gate that was listed on our boarding pass. We had to fly on stand by and the next flight was 5 hours later. Not a great day. You know that song by Van Halen, "Jamie's Crying", yep that was me. At least I got caught up with my reading (Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers) for my Cool Guys Read book club and another chick lit book (something about a non-blonde cheerleader) for my 8th grade girls book club.

I am glad to be home. Tomorrow, back to the library grind. It's our day to get fingerprinted. Oh joy!