Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It has been forever since I have blogged. I think I got stuck in a rut. After watching The Secret and going on a minibreak to Vegas with my friend D., I am much refreshed and more positive. I have vowed to stay away from RQ because there is so much negative energy that I don't want near me. I truly believe that I will be getting Grace this year. I had a dream last night that they did this huge batch and caught up keeping it to just a little over a year wait.

So, VEGAS rocked. I can actually say it was a vacation. We didn't stress, were positive and everything worked out. The weather was GORGEOUS and the food pretty good. We got to see Carrot Top and were in the 4th row center. He cracks me up. He's also VERY cute. The boy works out and it shows. Made me think about becoming a vegetarian (Carrot Top, get it???).

I didn't win money but I didn't lose everything. I loved playing craps. That was fun when I almost took out the other side of the table with my wild roll. We also enjoyed the people watching. There are some very interesting people who go to Vegas. There are also some weird exhibits too. Like this one about the human body. They had actual human bodies preserved in various stages of dissection. GROSS!

I missed my dog. I think she missed me too. She seems a little bummed right now. I'm not sure if it's because I left her or what. We'll go for a walk later, if it doesn't rain again.

So, I'm back, happy and positive. I'm getting my daughter this year and I don't care what stats say or what people are saying about the #s and waiting. We May DTC 2006 people will be getting our children from China THIS year.


Dannye said...

First of all, I am with you, and we 7/06 LID'ers are getting our daughters this year too, darned it!!

Now about Carrot Top, he actually lives here in Fla., Winter Park actually, and there are Carrot Top sightings frequently, apparently he runs with no shirt on, and very baggy loose shorts with crack showing, many people complain about it, but I personally have never seen it.

Also, my DH and I go to Bike Week and Biketoberfest in Daytona each year to people watch (oh and check out those awesome Harley's too), so I totally get what you mean about people watching...

Aggies said...

Here is to us May2006DTCers getting our girls this year !!.. Glad you had fun in Vegas..

Traci in New Braunfels