Friday, January 19, 2007

It only happens to me

For those of you who didn't know, San Antonio was recently beseiged by an ice storm that closed our city for this past Tuesday and Wednesday. I was so excited that school was cancelled for Tuesday. I decided to bake cookies, sleep in, watch movies and play with the Wii. Again, Wednesday, school was cancelled. I was thrilled because it was another day to sleep in and I didn't have to teach this one group that I was dreading. Everything was going well until the afternoon when I developed cabin fever. I hadn't seen another human being in 2 days. I needed to get out. My dog needed a serious walk. So, the South Texas girl who really doesn't heed ice warning well, went along her merry way and took her dog out for a walk. I decided to go the long way around to the mailbox. I was cautious, then for some reason, stupidity hit me. I took the sidewalk on the bridge over the ditch. was still below freezing with freezing rain...yeah, there was ice. I totally bit it and ended up on my back and whacking the heck out of my head. I just remember my dog slipping a bit and then the sound of my head whacking on the cement. My cookie monster ski hat flew into the ditch and my earphones from my ipod flew out. The pizza man who was driving by when it happened (I think he gave me oho) jumped out of his car and was freaking out. He wanted to drive me to my house and all I could think of was, I need to get my cookie monster hat out of the ditch. I proceeded to crawl on my hands and knees to get it and I kept telling the pizza guy that I was okay. I was embarassed and shaken. Stupidly, I finished my walk to the mailbox and I got a great surprise from my waiting buddy Diane (thank you!) and I walked back home and called my sister, who is a nurse, and told her what happened. I can laugh about it now, but then I was near tears. My mom gave me a hard time and still does. My body hurts still and I still get headaches. I got one heck of a gooseegg on the back of my head. I am lucky to be so hard-headed. Anyways, I thought I would share my bone-headedness with you guys. Remember, when they say stay inside, they know what they are talking about. Let's hope my daughter won't be as dumb as her mom!


Aggies said...

I know what you mean about cabin fever.. Wednesday I was outside on my deck chopping up the ice on it as I was sliding around...Then I was knocking off icicles from the roof and hoping they did not hit me on the head or knock me in the eye... I survived...I never thought that I would ever think of 40 degrees as a " heat wave "..

(who lives 20 miles NE of you)