Monday, March 19, 2007

Bunco Madness

You would think a Monday would be a pretty lame day to do anything. First of all, we just got back from Spring Break. It was a little slow, but once I got going, I was fine as frogs hair as my daddy would say. I got everything ready for my Cool Guys Read Book Club which will happen tomorrow morning. In my moment of craziness, I asked our Superintendent to join. I honestly didn't think he'd say yes, but he sure did. So did a columnist for our local newspaper. I hope that all 11 of my boys show and most of the male faculty who have joined. There should be about 18 on my first guys only book club. We even got cool shirts, which I'll have to post later. Anyways, I'm a bit nervous, but I have faith in my boys. It was a great book that we read and I know we'll have a lot to talk about.

So, I topped the evening off by playing BUNCO at my friend D's mother's house. I had so much fun and even won the prize for most losses. Yee-haw. I was totally embracing my losses. You know, when I was shooting Craps in Vegas, I think I might have been trying to play BUNCO and vice versa tonight.

I picked the paint colors for my daughter's room. It's going to be purple and green. I'm waiting to get the paint when I have a 3 day weekend to paint. The more I prep and get ready, the more room I make for her and I bring the positive energy. Again, I want to reiterate that I will be getting my daughter this year as will my other fellow May DTC 2006ers. There will be a speedup. It's going to come when we least expect it.

I'm telling you, this positive thinking business makes life so much easier to handle and things happen more readily. So, on that note, my Cool Guys Read book club is going to rock and we're going to have a great time. Luck, smuck, right?