Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007

I spent my New Year's not with my friend D at the movies as was planned, but at the hospital waiting for them to admit her. She has the same thing as my grandfather. She finally got to be put in his room around 10:30ish. My grandmother was so miserable because she's got that nasty stomach bug (you know which one I mean). I feel horrible for her. I feel sad for my mom too because I think it scares her. The thing that came out of this was that the siblings aren't medically trained to help my grandparents and they need 24 hour trained assistance. We'll see what happens. Two of my mother siblings don't want that. One is afraid that they will die within a few months of being there (we found a great one, close to their house) and the other is upset because she'll be out of a job (she takes care of them). How selfish are they? I'm really ticked off with my mom's siblings. Nobody will do anything and it's a standoff. Somebody needs to take the bull by the horns because my grandparents need the medical attention. I am so angry with my aunt/godmother. She came to the hospital right when we got there. My uncle had EMS take my grandmother in (you get into the ER faster that way). They both left and my other aunt and uncle came and they left. My grandmother was still in the ER and not yet admitted (wasn't sure at the time she was going to be admitted). Thank God my sister, who is an LVN and is in RN school was there to help because they were short staffed and my grandmother had lots of issues. It's tough to see her that way (having to help her when she has an accident and she doesn't understand or can tell you what's wrong) When my uncle told my aunt who takes care of my grandmother that we couldn't do this (meaning take care of my sick grandparents) her only response is that she'd be out of a job. That's pretty shallow. Then she left because she had been with my grandmother all day yesterday and she "needed a break" OH BROTHER! Can you say that they purposely left my mother holding the bag???? This is her way to get back and "make" my mother do something (BTW they do a lot for my grandparents, have cancelled their plans, vacation to help out, and help out monetarially) Can you tell how angry I am? I'm furious. Honestly, I really don't want to have anything to do with her anymore. First the whole pity party at Christmas and then our conversation the other day and now this. I know I need to let it go but it kills me that my parents and grandparents are both suffering. This has been an extremely rough emotional roller coaster for all of us. I guess I needed to vent and then let it go. I know that God only gives us what we can handle. I know this will make my immediate family bond even stronger. We have to rely and help each other out.

I want to make some new year's goals/resolutions, but I want to think about them overnight and then put them down. It's good to start the year with goals and a plan. Here's to hoping that 2007 will bring my sister her RNship, my daughter Grace & other exciting surprises, prosperity and peace in the world.