Thursday, December 21, 2006

The WII story

Okay, today was a good day. I totally intended to get groceries (which I did) for Christmas and clean my house. Of course, nothing ever happens like it is intended. My sister was in a pickle and needed me to watch my niece and nephews while she got her hair done. I got home, picked up a bit, put presents in the closet and waited for them. Brennan was in a foul mood because he couldn't bring the PS2. I have PS1 and a frogger game. We played them both. The kids beat my hiney in Tekken like REALLY BAD! We decided to go and eat pizza at Pizza Hut. We stopped by the hairplace and told my sister what we were up to and then went to eat. Of course, it was nasty and didn't have much. We ate very little and then the boys voted no to the mall. KJ and I began talking about the WII. I had gone this weekend and waited in line at Target to see if I could get one. No such luck! They ran out. This whole week I have been calling to see if anybody had one. Nope! I was pretty complacent that I wouldn't get one until after Christmas (I know, I'm a big kid). I did my daily calling to Gamestop. Strike one. Tried EB and strike 2. Nobody answered at Best Buy. KJ kept telling me to call Toys R Us. I didn't think they would have one, but I relented. I called and to my surprise, they had just gotten in 4 an hour ago. We got excited. Kids threw on their shoes. It was mass chaos heading out the garage door to the car. Even Hope the dog got into the action. We had to throw her back inside the house. We got in the car and drove as fast as we could safely and of course, I was anxious and excited. When we finally got there and found a parking spot, KJ told the little ones, "Okay guys, take off your seatbelt as soon as Aunt Jamie puts the car in park!" We were off. Doors flew open, KJ got out and started across the street to the store. I was behind with the little ones. When we got into the store, KJ sprinted to the game section and stood in line. We saw a gentleman purchasing one. Maybe we got it. It was our turn next and I asked if he had anymore WIIs. Nope, that was the last one! AHHHHHHHH! Strike out! We were pumped up from the adventure and hunt. KJ wanted to keep the quest going. I asked the little ones and they were up for it. We went to Best Buy next. Strike 2. KJ then suggested Target next door. Okay, I thought. They probably wouldn't have it. Yep, you guessed it strike 3. So, we left the Forum and on the way, we all agreed to try Wal-Mart and then Sam's. I was pretty sure we weren't going to get one, but we were having so much fun chasing the dream. I found a parking space pretty far from the store. KJ got out and was waaaaay ahead of me and the little ones. We couldn't see where he went in the electronics section. I asked the cashier in that section if they had a WII, and of course the answer was no. All right, no WII. We look for KJ. I see his shaggy head by the Xbox section and I figured he was looking at the games. We slowly strolled over there, and had already decided to check out the toys before we left. KJ was talking to a WalMart lady. I asked her about the WII. Yes, there is this 1 that I am putting out. Can we have it? Yes and you wanted Happy Feet too? Yes! So, now I am a proud owner of the WII. The kids love it and I do too. I'm not great at it, but I'm going to keep practicing. Happy Feet here I come.


Aggies said...

What is WII ?

Clueless in New Braunfels

Donna said...

I'm envious! I'm not a big game player but the Wii looks fun! As long as you don't throw the remote through the TV! lol