Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

I can't believe 2011 is already over.  This has been a very tough year but also a year of miracles.  My Gracie has turned 4 years old.  She's smart and incredibly sassy.  She's changed the words to LMFAOs "I'm sexy and I know it to, "I'm sassy and I know it!"  We are working on patience on my part and cooling down the temper on Gracie's part.  We both want to be control and it's almost a battle royale some days when neither one of us will back down.  I just can't wait until she's a tween or teen.  I'm going to need to go to Mass every day so I can survive.

As I think about my girl this year, I have learned so many new things about her...
1.  I knew she was brave and tenacious but I didn't know how incredibly strong and brave she is until this summer.  She is way stronger than any super hero...Seriously.
2. She is a scaredy cat...she gets scared of things really easily, even when she likes them...She loves the music and Belle from Beauty and the Beast but the movie makes her very nervous.  When bad things happen on tv, she panics...she gets scared very easily
3. She doesn't like Disney World
4. She says sorry for everything, for example, "I don't like Disney World, sorry!"  Poor baby...I think that is my fault because I am a big believer in apologizing for poor behavior. 
5. She has a 10 minute attention span on most, playing, etc. 
6. Gracie likes to pretend to take orders...she has a notepad and everything...she pretend to answer the phone and we have to "drive" to pick up the phone...maybe that's my clue to cook more at home?
7. Gracie loves the beach...LOVES!
8. Gracie slept in her own bed in her own room for a while but now is back in my bed...she says she's not ready
9. Gracie loves stickers, paper and big pencils to write with and also likes to stuff envelopes
10. Gracie's favorite foods are waffles, enchiladas, and cheese

It's so weird that here I am, sitting in bed and will probably fall asleep before the NY rings in.  I remember the days when I was younger and night was only beginning and I would be out until who knows when.  It was fun but now I feel so much more happier and I look at my daughter who is sprawled out hogging my bed next to me.  I know that 2012 is going to be a great year full of blessings.  I pray that everybody has a wonderful and blessed 2012.