Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ups and Downs

Recovery from the fontan has been a lot harder than the Glenn.  I had heard this was a tougher procedure but I didn't realize that also the recovery would be harder and slower.  We are sort of managing the pain with motrin and tylenol but when they start wearing off, you can tell.  She has not a lot of stamina and really isn't eating a whole lot.  She is eating pretty much rice and some eggs.  I've tried to get her to drink a pediasure a day but we aren't really successful.  She is incredibly stubborn...but that makes her the survivor that she is.  We're still working on the antibiotics.  I have to threaten with the hospital but then I also have to give the dose in halves because she'll throw it up.  She gets that anxious. 

I have been feeling a little house stir crazy.  It's hard because all she wants is me and is very high maintanance.  I get it but I finally got a break thanks to my parents.  I got a pedicure and the hour away made me feel like 20 times better...almost human again.  I think that is something you need when you have a big emotional thing like surgery and an extended hospital stay.  I think it is easier for two parent families to stay in the game emotionally and mentally because they can be spelled by each other.  Single parents have to rely on others but the problem is when your kiddo will not give you up.  It's tough but I'm thankful my parents gave the break at home and my bestie at the hospital.

We go to the doctor tomorrow.  Crossing my fingers that everything is good.  I think I'm going to address the pain issue with him.  We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, I'm going to post some of the pics from our Make a Wish trip.