Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is a luxury with a toddler.  I am finding that lack of it has taken its toll on my health but unfortunately when you are a single mom, it's part of the job.  Gracie and I went to a fantastic party for one of my friend's 40th birthday party.  It was great that there were other kiddos for G to play with.  She had so much fun running and playing, especially with my friend's 8th grade daughter.  I had so much fun socializing with adults on a Saturday night. I'd forgotten what that was like.   I even had a beer!  We stayed until 9ish.  The big girls didn't want Grace to play with them anymore (they were afraid the ball was going to hit her) and that basically started G in meltdown mode.  She screamed/cried all the way to the car and all the way home.  You would have thought she would have fallen asleep...nope...she kept asking for my friend's daughter saying, "My Seph-neee"  She finally fell asleep only to awaken a few hours later and it took another hour to fall back asleep.  She wants the lamp on.  Nightlights, which we have in our room aren't enough.  I wear a sleeping mask to sleep in now.  This morning we woke up almost at 8 a.m. which is later but boy did I feel horrible, like hung-over horrible.  Lucky for me that we were both able to take a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon.  I still felt awful!  Oh well.  I didn't get done what I needed to do this weekend but I did get to sleep a little.  I'm learning that plans are great but you have to learn to be creative and flexible in accomplishing goals.  And I'm learning that sleep when you can because you never know when you are going to get to do it again or it your sleep will be interrupted.  It's all part of being a mom.