Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not Again...

Yep, it's back...that nasty strep along with a double ear infection and wheezing on her right lung.  So back on antibiotics (it's been what almost 3 months nonstop) steroids and breathing treatments.  It sucks!  I feel so helpless and horrible that she is this sick.  I am supposed to call the ENT and the pulmonologist tomorrow and see if they can also see her since she is a high risk.  I'm going to take off and we're going to have a pajama day unless we get into those doctors tomorrow (that's wishful thinking).  I'm praying it gets better and that maybe we can find a solution that can just stop it all.  The poor girl can't cut a break.  It's when she's sick that I am so thankful that we cosleep. It's easy for me to check on her or give her meds or breathing treatments. I know there are some folks who think by 2 or 3 they should be in their own bed but for our situation, it works out well.  The biggest problem we've had lately is that she wants the lamp on because she's starting to have some night fears so I try to turn it off after she falls asleep but usually around 2 am she'll awake and say "light on" and so I turn it on and put on my sleep mask and go back to sleep. 

Let's hopeand pray that this set of meds kicks everything to the curb and that she heals and feels better.


Tracey said...

So sorry you and Grace have to go through all this, Jamie. Whitney and I have been sick for about a month, but not nearly to the degree of you and Grace, and it still frustrates me. Hang in there! Co-sleeping is up to you. Whitney just started sleeping in her room last month, and she still falls asleep with me before I transfer her. You do what helps Grace feel secure and what helps you survive :) Also, Whitney LOVED seeing Elmo last year, too. Even though I don't know you personally, I'm thinking of you as one single mom to another.