Friday, August 13, 2010

First Week Back

It has been a roller coaster week back at school which is a good thing because it kept me incredibly busy.  We got a new principal and assistant principal, both of which I like.  So, it's kinda crazy because everything is in transition, including my child.  She really had a hard time going back to school full-time.  She cried the first two days but now I reassure her that I will be coming to get her.  The other crazy thing is that the cough is now stronger than before.  It looks like I'll be calling the pulmonologist for antibiotics.  I don't know if it will help though.  I've already had to run out of this room twice while typing this entry because she was hacking up a storm in her sleep.  I worry because it always signals lower oxygen saturation levels which might lead to an open heart surgery in a month or so.  I really would prefer the summer when she gets healthier and I can take care of her for two months.  So, I'm really praying for that.

Grace riding the train at Morgan's Wonderland (at Mended Little Heart's Anniversary Celebration)
I was reading the singles' forum in the Rumor Queen and the topic was how do you afford a second child being a single parent.  I, too, wondered that myself.  I know how difficult financially it has been with one child.  Of course, my child is special needs but even so just to even consider another child at this stage in the game is something I can't wrap my logicial side of my brain around.  I would love for Gracie to have a sibling but I know I can't afford it at least not now.  And emotionally with all of the medical stuff, I think she is the only child for me right now.  We (she and I) talk about babies and siblings and there are days she wants one and other days where she's good being an only child.  I read a Time magazine article the other day about only children and it turns out that they are not socially maladjusted as some studies concluded (like from the 60s or 70s) and do rather well.  This is due that the resources go to that one child.  In my case,  my sweet girl is going to start Mommy & Me dance class next Saturday and she is also going to see Story Time Live and Yo Gabba Gabba.  Yep, all my resources go straight to my daughter but I wouldn't have it any other way.  She is my heart and makes me a better person.
Grace at Morgan's Wonderland (Mended Little Hearts Celebration Day)