Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Single Momhood - Me Days

I send Gracie to school two days a week during the summer. Part of it is for her to have the regular scheduled thing and keep in the groove of school so it's not such a hard transition when I go back to work in August. The other reason is so I can have some "Me" time. I am learning, and it has taken me some time, that this time is incredibly important when you're a solo parent. I do all the things I can't do when Grace is around. I also do things for myself like go to the movies, get a pedicure, go to the outlets, that sort of thing...fun stuff. I also will sleep a little extra. I get a little extra hour and a half on Wednesdays because she goes to a ECI program and works with the Early Childhood Interventionist. It's a gift of time to myself which I cherish. During the school year, my "Me" time is when Gracie goes to sleep. I don't get a lot of time but it's enough. I highly recommend single moms making sure they get some time to themselves. We have to do everything and we are on 24/7 without someone to spell you. My daughter is incredibly high maintainance....not just because of her health issues but she wants my attention ALL of the time. She is now starting to play a little on her own but she still prefers me to be right there. We are working on that. I am thankful when I can get a little break. I always come back refreshed and excited to see my girl. When I'm away from her I do miss her but I know I need a little breather to get back into the game of single motherhood.