Friday, March 12, 2010

When you have a 2 year old...

I admit that before Grace, my car was not exactly always spic and span. You would think that because my job requires serious organization that I would be extremely organized....yeah, not so much. I can though give the general dewey decimal number for most things. Anyways, I realized today that having a 2 year old increases the disarray in a car. The reason I found this out is that I had to pick up the author we were hosting from his hotel this morning. It took me a good long time to pick up all toys, straws, old capri sun pouches, books, papers and then vacuum the car. Let me tell you, there were cheerios and m&ms all over the place not to mention a half naked Ling doll on the floorboard of the back seat (poor Ling!) You know what the sad thing is? I have an organizer for Grace's stuff hooked onto the back of my seat. It obviously isn't working for me. The good thing is I was able to get it cleaned up so that Rick Yancey (our author) didn't sit on boogie wipes, m&ms or any other trash. It looks clean but I highly doubt it'll last much longer. Oh well. Que sera sera.

PS...Happy Birthday daddy! Gracie & I love you!