Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ahhhh Genes!

Yesterday we went to see the geneticist about the extra x chromosome. I was kind of overwhelmed with the amount of information. The bottom line is that she's going to have to have more testing done. She was concerned about her organs being flip flopped, specifically the stomach so now we are going to have to have possibly an upper GI. So, at this point, we know there is an extra pair but we are not totally sure how it is affecting or if it will affect her.

I hated the fact that they had to draw more blood. It was painful because the tech was digging around my poor girl's arm looking for the vein. Finally the nurse came over and got the blood. My poor Gracie was crying and crying and crying. Charlie Brown, her new friend, couldn't make her feel better. She fell asleep on the way home.

She is still sleeping in her big girl bed, though she falls out of it at least once a night. Last night I woke up and found her on the floor asleep next to her bed. Earlier that night she was standing up beside her bed with her arms outstretched yelling, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" I picked her up, rubbed her back, kissed her and put her back into bed. She had been asleep the whole time. She is now letting me comfort her whereas before she was so distraught nothing could calm her down. We have noticed that she's smiling and laughing more. I think part of it is because the saline nebulizer is working and the weather hasn't been rough on her o2 sat levels.

Today is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom/Grammy. We love you and thank you for all the things you do!


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