Saturday, February 27, 2010


My grandmother passed away a few days ago. I'm glad that she was able to meet Grace before she left this world. I'm glad she is finally resting and is at peace. Right now, I can totally imagine her dancing with my grandfather and playing canasta with her sisters. It's what made her happy. Tomorrow evening is the rosary and Monday is the funeral. It should be an interesting experience with a two year old...especially since both are around her I'm about to fall asleep times. Let's pray that she does well.

I had a stomach virus Tuesday night and onto Wednesday. I barely got Grace to school and I, of course, had to set up something for work, so I dragged myself in. I was able to get it done fast and I was back in bed by 7:45 a.m. I slept hard until almost 1 p.m. I felt better but weaker. Grace did me proud. She was so good and I had no problems getting her into her car seat or getting her into school. My parents were their usual great selves bringing my child home to me in the evening along with soup, which both Grace and I ate for dinner. Again, I reiterate, being a single mom and being sick suck! Make sure to have someone who can help you out! I'm a lucky one. I lost 5 lbs in one day and I'm still not totally up to par in the eating department. I am kind of wary right now.

Grace is doing well. I am hoping she is not going to get sick. She was a bit cranky today and normally that's the precursor to some sort of issue. She has red patches on her knees, elbows and wrists which my sister says is eczema and that it comes with respiratory issues (her boys would get it worse when an asthma attack was coming on). I'm glad we'll be going to see the pulmonologist next week.

Grace is also a Yo Gabba Gabba aholic. She has a shirt that she loves to wear. She does some of the dances and loves to go crazy in the dancey dance part and then flop down on me. She's talking a lot more. She's also "singing". She was "singing" the Sesame Street anthem in the car this morning. It makes me happy.