Saturday, February 06, 2010

Health Updates

This has been one of those weeks where you think to yourself, "My poor baby!" We went for our well child visit on Monday and Gracie had a 102 fever and her oxygen levels dropped. She couldn't recover. So....we went home, did a nebulizer treatment that helped tremendously. The mommy in me could't totally relax so I kept checking her 92 levels like every other hour that evening. I stayed home with her on Tuesday just in case and she was great...she even got her synagis which seemed to perk her up despite the pain and stress of the shots. On Wednesday afternoon, we had the squatting and the whining. Sure enough, her oxgen level were down and not coming back up. Again, another nebulizer treatment which seemed to help her once again. She had one more instance that evening but it stablized quickly so I didn't need to do the treatment. Thursday we went to the ENT and we've decided to put tubes in her ears. We're hoping that it will help get rid of all the ear infections and help her with her speech. That's going to happen on February 17th and they are also going to check her hearing. Then, Friday, I get sick. I think I had what Grace had earlier in the week. I have the chills, fever and a sore throat. I have it still today but I'm good when my Tylenol is working. So, it has been one heck of a health week but all in all we're good. Today was pajama day and we watched so many episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba that I'm sure I'll dream about them when I fall asleep. Grace cracks me up doing the arms at the beginning the way DJ Lance Rock does. She also made me laugh watching Finding Nemo when Coral was trying to save her babies and Grace said, "Dooooo! Dooooo!" which translates to goooooo! Man, I love that girl!


Single Women Adopting Children said...

Hang in there! ugh- sound painful/taxing! Mila is on her second dose of anti-biotics for an ear infeaction....I hate to see my girl in pain!