Saturday, October 24, 2009


Grace is picky about her shoes...I learned that when we bought shoes last Sunday from Stride Rite. She let me put them on her but she had no problem taking them off. When I tried to get either of the pairs on her on Monday, she screamed! So, I guess that later on this weekend I'll be returning her shoes. She went up a whole size in one month! One month! We went to the outlet (our favorite place) and got some new tennis shoes and some brown mary janes. They were super cute and the best thing is that she liked them. She also got a pair of robies (she thought they were neat)...the shoe freak in me is like, "YES! That's my girl!"

ECI came by on Friday. It looks like Grace will qualify for the program. The great thing is that it's a monthly fee and they come to you. So, we'll continue speech, OT & PT until we start services with ECI. I am so glad that I won't be paying the $20 copay for each service (it's 60 a week). It'll be $20 a month. Hot dog!

Did I tell you my child is also a daredevil like her mama? Yep, she thinks she's invincible and likes to climb on things, especially chairs. She actually has pretty decent balance. She's gaining weight...she's like 22.5, 23 lbs. She's getting taller and she's starting to be a little more vocal and trying to make word sounds.

This past week seemed to have been a breakthrough week. She is finally starting to relax and she's becoming more affectionate with me and less affectionate with strangers (which was an attachment issue). Tomorrow we're going to the pumpkin patch with my bff Sandra, her hubby and her sweetie pie, Holly. I'm super excited, especially since the weather has finally gotten a tad cooler. Let the fall begin!