Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I am raising a daredevil. My mom would say, like mother, like daughter. I guess that's a true enough statement as I am supposed to go skydiving again at the end of this month. We went to the National Night Out at the park in my neighborhood. Grace wanted to go to the playground because all of the kiddos were there. She climbed up the high steps and then she went down the slide all on her own! She did it over and over again. She was getting tired towards the end but she was so proud of herself. I have to admit, I was too. I think she likes that dropping feeling because at Mass she'll stand on the kneeler and then let herself drop to sit down on the kneeler. It almost gives me a heart attack every time because I think she is going to whack her head either on the pew in front of her or the seat. She's a crazy girl.

She's been getting more frustrated because she can't articulate what she wants. She's obsessed with the wheels on the bus song and demands it be sung in the car, or when she's upset. I think Mom is ready to start part time daycare. I think it will be good for her so she can be with other kiddos. I think she misses the orphanage sometimes. I know she misses her friends there. I'm so glad that we are able to keep in touch with the girls who she played with while she was at Fengxin. You should see these girls...they are so beautiful and they are growing and blossoming, just like Grace. It makes my heart happy.