Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

Well, I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day, even when I did have a Valentine. This year I solved the problem by doing housework. I cleaned my downstairs, did laundry, vacuumed the stairs. I didn't get to finish the upstairs, but I got some done. I went to Mass with my parents and we went to my favorite Mexican food restaurant. YUM! Then I watched Degrassi from Friday. I'm finally starting to like the newer cast but I still miss a lot of the characters. I used to watch the show when I was in middle school (it was on PBS and it was called Degrassi Jr High). Another point to prove that I'm becoming more and more of a middle schooler because I have worked with them for such a long time. I think that is part of the reason why my students like me.

I saw my grandmother this weekend and she was lucid this time. We played dominoes and she did a pretty good job. We got clobbered by my parents but we still did all right.

Tomorrow is President's Day. We have to work without students. Shannon and I are planning on putting up some posters and material on these flannel boards in the teen lounge area we have created.

I hope that next Valentine's Day that my daughter will be home with me. I hope that next year at this time we'll be getting ready to watch The Amazing Race.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Drum

Yesterday at faculty meeting, Shannon and I were awarded the African drum that our faculty passes to each other every 2 weeks. It's an Attaboy Award we give to each other. I was very surprised I got it especially since I had just sent out an e-mail about people unlocking the door to my office in the morning before I get there and leaving it unlocked, the door opened with the lights on (yes, several morning we have had people coming in, unlocking the locked doors and leaving our office open before we get there). I wasn't too happy about the intrusion and I'm glad that I didn't say what I really had wanted to say in the e-mail which was, "How would you like it if I walked into your locked house because I had the master key and left your front door open with all of the lights on? It was such a violation of privacy. Anyways, it was nice to get the drum. We will be giving it back in two Wednesdays to a teacher and we want to give it to someone who never gets kudos. We are between two people right now. It's a hard decision.

I am finally getting better. I have been sick this whole week since Asian Festival. Poor Hope hasn't had a walk since Sunday. You know I'm sick when I don't eat lunch on enchilada day at school.

I just finished my taxes, yuck. I am getting a refund but less than last year. But, it's better than nothing, especially with the economy. Things are getting tight at my school district. There is a good chance I won't be going to TLA this year and our librarian meetings now will be beginning after school instead of at 2. I hate later meetings because of parking and it tends to go way over. Honestly, I think some of the meetings could be held via e-mail. We are so busy lately.

I haven't read anything about any rumors lately. It seems to be quiet. I hope that the next batch is bigger and better. One of my kiddos was doing a current event project on China and it was talking about how so many of the factories were closing and many of the migrant workers are now having to return to the rural areas. It said something like 20 million were affected. I wonder if this will impact the wait at all?

Monday, February 02, 2009

I hate being sick!

I hate being sick! It started after the Asian Festival. My throat started hurting and then everything else got worse, especially the congestion. My doctor had given me a prescription for antibiotics in case my last sinus attack would become an infection. Well, I was glad she did because I filled it today, got some allergy meds and some more soft tissue. I can't smell or taste anything. It's just texture. I left an hour early from work and came home and laid down. It made me think of what I will do when I get sick when I have Grace. I'm lucky to have a great support system. I also need to get these crazy allergies under control. My nose is still stuffy and my ears itchy, but I will survive. It takes about 24 hours for the meds to be in my system for me to start feeling better. I'm glad that this isn't a crazy week either so I can heal.