Monday, February 02, 2009

I hate being sick!

I hate being sick! It started after the Asian Festival. My throat started hurting and then everything else got worse, especially the congestion. My doctor had given me a prescription for antibiotics in case my last sinus attack would become an infection. Well, I was glad she did because I filled it today, got some allergy meds and some more soft tissue. I can't smell or taste anything. It's just texture. I left an hour early from work and came home and laid down. It made me think of what I will do when I get sick when I have Grace. I'm lucky to have a great support system. I also need to get these crazy allergies under control. My nose is still stuffy and my ears itchy, but I will survive. It takes about 24 hours for the meds to be in my system for me to start feeling better. I'm glad that this isn't a crazy week either so I can heal.