Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mountain Cedar Bites!

The past two weeks I have been kicked in the butt by the lovely mountain cedar. I went to the doctor last Friday and got a shot. I spent all weekend in my pjs. I felt a little better but this week I still have been stuffy. It made me think that I need to make sure I get a handle on this so when Grace comes home I won't be so out of it.

I am excited about the three day weekend coming up. We have been busy with classes coming in this week. We're already starting to plan our National Library Week activities. We're going to do the theme, "Get into the Groove at Our Library" and have Dance Dance Revolution Contests. I'm also working on Falling in Love with the Library during Valentine's week, since I'm not such a big fan.

Chinese New Years is coming up. I'm excited about the Asian Festival that will happen on January 31st at the Institute of Texan Cultures. The food rocks. My favorite is the dumplings! YUM!