Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am such a sucker!

First of all, I am writing this post using my new and cute pink mini laptop. I love how small it is but there are some things that I am trying to get used to. The keyboard, which is not as large as my big laptop and the keys are a little sticker. All and all, I like it but reading my e-mail can be hard because it's smaller.

I went to the Home and Garden show this weekend and bought a steam mop. I am such a sucker. I took it home, vacuumed and used the steam mop but it just streaked my floors and it didn't dry as fast as it did at the show. Yeah, it did clean some spots but you know I paid too much. I learned a lesson...stay away from the trade show steam mops.

I went to a great Chinese New Year dinner yesterday with my best friend and her family. I really enjoyed it. Tomorrow is the actual day and I plan on eating bunches of Chinese food and having a great day. I hope everybody else does too.